- CONCERTLESS - The new Album by Riccardo Moccia


My music is beyond music, my words are beyond the words. I'm a theater of sounds and thoughts, the ineluctable silence of the intrinsic frequencies of the earth.

This album is so heavy: not in terms of sounds, but in terms of souls; because it's inspired by the heaviest entities from the universe , directly from and beyond the abyss of our dreams.

Until now, my most complete work.


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On me, underneath me.

On me : who hides behind me ? You can't know , because you don't know yourself. So what can I tell you about myself?

Who's hearing my words? Who's reading my mind? What about yours?

Tell me... I'm listening.

My art is about the unknowned, the darkness, the unconscious, the abyss...

Did you ever felt the abyss?

I wonder how much our life is influenced by the unseen, how can I control my senses?

My own soul, my own voice?

Despite that we don't know anything about our voice, my art takes life.

Do you think you know yourself? Show off.

What I know instead, it’s just the truth.

Speaking in words? And most importantly, how can I tell you the truth if you don't know my voice?

Composer, writer, videomaker, actor, guitarist, singer, poet, sound engineer.

2011-2016: creator, composer and guitarist of “Maschere Vuote”, progressive rock band from Rome. Featured in the book “Rock progressivo italiano dal 1980 al 2013” by Massimo Salari. Release of the EP “Maschere Vuote” in 2015.

2017-2020: Ideator of “Protesi Project”, a blend of theatre, cinema and music.

2019: publication of “Percorsi” jazz/fusion album with SPLASC(H) Records. The album was written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Moccia.

2018-2020: actor and theatratical collaboration with Antonio Saccà (writer and sociologist) and the “Associazione Culturale il Cibo e L'arte” by Loredana Paolesse.

2020: composer of the theatrical show “Giallo Raffaello” by Barbara Chiesa e Riccardo Barbera.

2021: publication of “Concertless” Djent, progressive/fusion album. The album was written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Altamira Multimedia (Riccardo Moccia).

“An unique actor and performer, ...magnetic”

Barbara Chiesa, actress.

“A born actor, an incredible voice”

Antonio Saccà, writer and sociologist.

“Finally someone who dares to go beyond the box and bring something new”

Paolo Tofani, guitarist of Area


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